Sunday, March 24, 2019
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Behavior respite offered by BRIA is an active service with dual responsibility...

Supporting parents to refuel their energy by taking time off to visit friends and families, go out for a cup of coffee, read a book, socialize with peers.  In short do activities that regroup our energy and refresh us.

Actively engage children by performing daily activities while at home or in the community and managing minor behavior problems that may occur.
When to Request Services Minimize

Behavior Respite Services are a combination of educational and respite services are designed to...

Provide temporary relief to parents

Teach independence

Promote community integration

Teach self-help skills

Teach domestic skills (preparing simple meals, carrying out chores, etc.)

Manage minor behavioral excesses such as physical and/or verbal aggression.

Teach the individual to generalize their social communication skills to their natural environment
How to Request Services Minimize

Explain to your caseworker at regional center why regular respite services do not work for you, If this is the case

Request for a behavior assessment to determine the eligibility for BRIA services

Call BRIA supervisor at one of our offices in your area

Make sure there is a "goodness of fit" between your family and the staff presented to you.  If "goodness of fit" is not present, ask for another staff.

Make an appointment to meet with our staff who then determines the nature of your services and matches you with appropriate staff